Thursday, December 13, 2012


Posted by Dave C.

I hopped on the scale this morning hoping for some good news, don't we all? I decided to do my main weigh-ins twice a week instead of once a week like I was doing and I thought today would be a day to do it.

I always seem to have a hard time getting situated on the scale and end up with the dreaded "-E-" for error and have to step down and then get back on. Maybe it's a part of me that fears what this thing will show me almost as if I'm flinching lol.

I stepped on this one eyed oracle of the bathroom to have it tell me what I want to hear and was excited to see that I weighed in at 284.0. I have lost 15 pounds. I'm happy but as I told my wife I'll be a little more happy when I get to the 20 lb mark as I think that is a solid amount that will make me feel like I'm "in it to win it!" :)

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  1. So, how is it going?

    The holidays sucked the life out of my better eating habits. Still trying to get back on track.

    I love your blog. It is informative and comes from the brain of the newbie just starting out: failures, successes, information and excitement. Please keep going.